Rachel Costantino


Looking is a concept that pairs wearable contact lenses with an app to enhance the dating experience. With a touch of serendipity, enhanced by technology, the aim of this group project was to renew the magic of face-to-face interactions for those who are Looking.

About a year and a half after the 3-week project had finished, I decided to revisit it. While the redesign + UX studies are still in process, below is a peek into the product and what Looking can be.


4/10/17 Update: 

This slideshow reflects the newest UI version that is still in development; as well as some additional screens that introduce new parts of the Looking experience. These new states include profile experience, messaging set up, and how to handle missed opportunities coined as "Blinks".

Below this slideshow is the previous version. The next update will include more new UI and updated animation.