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T Brand Studio | The New York Times

T Brand Studio is the internal advertising agency at The New York Times. As a Freelance Designer, I worked mainly on native advertising and products called Paid Posts. Below are three of my Posts that have had various challenges and solutions.



Brighthouse financial


greater miami and the beaches

University of Minnesota

Con Edison


Brighthouse Financial

Brighthouse Financial is a new company that is an outgrowth of MetLife. As a part of their overall launch, they wanted a Paid Post through us to help support the campaign - this also included 3 runs of a T Brand created print spread as well in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. 


Illustration + Animation: Jonas Mosesson
Photo Editor: Cielito Vivas

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota aligned the release of their Paid Post with a University-wide campaign. The T Brand Post features several UMN professors and their areas of research. As a post, we worked to highlight those professors and their areas of study and challenges. The video below is a motion mock up of the Post in it's entirity.


Password: tbrand


Illustrations: Lucie Birant
Photo Editor: Cielito Vivas

Greater Miami and the Beaches

Greater Miami and the Beaches came to T Brand to help spread the word about the culture of the city beyond the beaches and the expected. T Brand enlisted the help of three influencers through Hello Society and traveled to Miami for around 10 days — this post is a summary of everything the influencers experienced. 


This post was done with a slightly inverse process. Wireframes were created before any traveling was done due to a very quick turnaround needed after the trip. I worked very closely with the Photo Editor and the Editor to plan for the content that was going to be needed. 

Since it launched, it has been written up in Ad Week and mentioned in both Knotch and Brandtale.


Photography: T Brand Studio (Cielito Vivas)
Photo Editor: Kathryn Roach
Maps: Libby VanderPloeg

Con Edison

Con Edison has quite a few new developments in their pipeline and approached T Brand to create a Paid Post as a means to explain a few of the important customer-facing developments. 

During the process, I have spent a lot of time in discussion with my development partner. We’re working to create new systematic builds so that the structure can be utilized for future posts, should they be suited to this structure. The main focus has been on scroll-specific animation as well as the balance between sticky images and scrolling content. What balance works best for readers to not feel stuck within the post?


**This Post is still in progress.

Illustrations + Animations: Michael Myers
Photo Editors: Sophie Butcher + Cielito Vivas