MXD (concept)

product design, business design, strategy

MXD is a conceptual project that was the culmination of a 6 month long thesis project that was the focus of my second year of graduate school. MXD started out as a platform for gymnastics coaches and evolved into a fitness platform, catering to both fitness instructors and fitness enthusiasts.

This case study is split into 2 sections. The first section reviews the end product and touches on my main deliverables — including a 7 minute pitch from our forum (can be seen here!) and a 100 pg pitch book. The second section provides an overview to the road that led to the final product. 

overall thesis goal

plan, design, and pitch a design driven venture as a graduate thesis


Graduate school thesis project


Advisor: Marc Rabinowitz
Co-chairs: Steven Heller + Lita Talarico
The fabulous faulty at SVA MFAD

final product's goals

create a platform for exercise enthusiasts who make and consume fitness videos

the final product's goals
  • Give a home to fitness instructors
Recruiter pains
Hiring Manager pains
Candidate pains
need for a clearer & more detailed visualization

The first documentation was very helpful to get myself and the Head of Product on the same page, however it was very high-level and difficult to visualize. The next iteration was a more linear approach to the end-to-end experience.

animation to the rescue!

Selected Works

Wade & Wendy: Product Strategy & Visionproduct strategy, ux, animation

Wade & Wendy: Workspaceproduct strategy, ux, product design

Wade & Wendy: Internal Toolingproduct strategy, ux, product design

bricklyProduct & Visual Design

MXD (concept)product design, business design, strategy